Tributary – A d3 Playground

November 1st, 2012 by Adrian

A couple of weeks ago I listed a bunch of HTML, CSS, JS online code playgrounds. Well anyway, I’ve just stumbled across this cool playground for doing d3 JavaScript SVG visualisations called Tributary. It has been created by Ian Johnson and allows you to spike d3 code snippets in the browser.

Ian presented a session about Tributary at the Graphical Web 2012 conference in Zurich, Switzerland. Watch his session on Vimeo here.

His examples from that session are available here.

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My Personal Word Cloud

October 30th, 2012 by Adrian

I’ve always liked Word Clouds (aka tag clouds), so this morning I decided to create one that reflects the things that interest me. There are a few online tools for creating your own word clouds. I chose Wordle, which is the original online tool.

Click here to view a larger version of my word cloud.

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The Graphical Web

October 17th, 2012 by Adrian

Last month there was a conference held in Zurich, Switzerland at the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformation called The Graphical Web. It used to be called SVG Open, but this time the name change is to reflect the wider graphical web technologies (SVG, Canvas, CSS transitions, CSS transforms, tooling etc).

You can see what the schedule was here. One of my favourite speakers was there, Joshua Davis.

The main reason for this blog post is to highlight the fact that they recorded all the sessions and have put them online for free. There are some really interesting sessions here. Check them out below …

Here is a full list of the sessions …


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Resonate 2013

October 15th, 2012 by Adrian

Another conference coming up (next year) that looks interesting is Resonate. It is taking place in Belgrade, Serbia and is on from 21st – 23rd March 2013. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 and only cost €55 if you get in there early.

The current list of speakers includes (among others) …

  • Casey Reas
  • Golan Levin
  • Andreas Müller
  • Kyle McDonald
  • Memo Akten

The full website for the conference launches on 6th November 2012.

Follow the organisers on Twitter here.

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Creative Coding Podcast

March 4th, 2011 by Adrian

Creative Coding Podcast

A new podcast has been brought to my attention called the Creative Coding Podcast.

Hosted by Seb Lee-Delisle and Iain Lobb, two names I’m sure you will recognise from the UK Flash scene.

They will be discussing the ins-and-outs of programming for visual and creative applications. The first episode only went out on 30th January 2011, so it is still early days. Give them your support by subscribing in iTunes now.

Here are direct links to the three episodes so far …


UPDATE – October 29th 2012 – New episodes have been added below …

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Eyeo Festival has an amazing line-up of speakers

March 2nd, 2011 by Adrian

Eyeo Festival

I have just found about the Eyeo Festival, and WOW, what an amazing line-up of speakers there is!!

Here are just a few names from the speaker list

The event is lasts for three days, is on from June 27th to 29th 2011 and is being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.

The venue is the McNamara Alumni Center, and looks like a pretty amazing building. Check the images of it here.

Visit the official website to find out more information.

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Digital Art Exhibition – Decode at Victoria and Albert Museum, London

December 10th, 2009 by Adrian


Decode: Digital Design Sensations

Victoria and Albert Museum
London, UK
8 December 2009 – 11 April 2010

A new digital art exhibition is on at the V&A in London (in collaboration with onedotzero) called Decode. It is showcasing works from Daniel Brown, Karsten Schmidt (aka Toxi), Aaron Koblin, Golan Levin, Daniel Rozin, Jonathan Harris, Sep Kamvar, Simon Heijdens and Troika. If you are interested in digital art, interactivity, physical computing, installaions, flash, processing, openframeworks or circit bending then I suggest you check it out.

There is also an impressive list of events throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Visit the Decode microsite to find out more information

UPDATE 07/01/10:
Timeout have 2-for-1 tickets

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Understanding Games

August 13th, 2009 by Adrian

Understanding Games

I have just come across four great animations called Understanding Games. Each episode (1, 2, 3 and 4) looks at a different aspect of game design and is done in a simple, engaging and interactive way. I love the retro styling and the way the information is presented.

Whilst you are there (, check out the game called Mr Bounce.

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