The Nature of Code

December 7th, 2012 by Adrian

The Nature of Code

Daniel Shiffman‘s book ‘The Nature of Code‘ has finally been released. It is available for free online, or you can download an offline copy by donating your chosen amount to the author (and/or the Processing Foundation). The print version of the book is coming soon.

It is well written, very clear to follow, with small bitesize pieces of code that illustrate what is being discussed. This a fantastic resource and we should all be very grateful to Daniel for his generosity to the creative coding community.

You can read the book online here, and download the Processing code examples here.

Follow Daniel on Twitter.

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Resonate 2013

October 15th, 2012 by Adrian

Another conference coming up (next year) that looks interesting is Resonate. It is taking place in Belgrade, Serbia and is on from 21st – 23rd March 2013. Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 23rd October 2012 and only cost €55 if you get in there early.

The current list of speakers includes (among others) …

  • Casey Reas
  • Golan Levin
  • Andreas Müller
  • Kyle McDonald
  • Memo Akten

The full website for the conference launches on 6th November 2012.

Follow the organisers on Twitter here.

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Push Conference 2012

October 15th, 2012 by Adrian

I’ve just come across an awesome conference happening in Munich, Germany on 23rd & 24th November 2012. It’s called the Push Conference, and is focussed on User Experience (Sold Out) and Interactive Arts. I’m particularly interested in the sessions by some of the people on the second day …

There are still tickets available for day two (Interactive Arts) and they are currently only € 89.00

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Creative Coding Podcast

March 4th, 2011 by Adrian

Creative Coding Podcast

A new podcast has been brought to my attention called the Creative Coding Podcast.

Hosted by Seb Lee-Delisle and Iain Lobb, two names I’m sure you will recognise from the UK Flash scene.

They will be discussing the ins-and-outs of programming for visual and creative applications. The first episode only went out on 30th January 2011, so it is still early days. Give them your support by subscribing in iTunes now.

Here are direct links to the three episodes so far …


UPDATE – October 29th 2012 – New episodes have been added below …

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Eyeo Festival has an amazing line-up of speakers

March 2nd, 2011 by Adrian

Eyeo Festival

I have just found about the Eyeo Festival, and WOW, what an amazing line-up of speakers there is!!

Here are just a few names from the speaker list

The event is lasts for three days, is on from June 27th to 29th 2011 and is being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.

The venue is the McNamara Alumni Center, and looks like a pretty amazing building. Check the images of it here.

Visit the official website to find out more information.

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