Link to Android App in Marketplace from a Webpage

December 10th, 2010 by Adrian

Android Marketplace

If you have a mobile version of a website you may want to point users in the direction of an app that is available in the Android Marketplace. If so, you can do it like this …

Get the app here

Note: The HREF link is pointing to …


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  1. daylyn Says:

    Hello~i read your articles each day,i always find something userfull~haha
    May i have you msn? maybe somtimes i can chat with you~haha~

  2. Allengether Says:

    Actually, i don’t really understand. What should i write if i want to download 4shared app at

    /details?id=com.forshared instead of “”?! many thanks

  3. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Allengether: I guess you would put …

    Don’t use http, otherwise that would launch the page in the browser. What we want is to open the Marketplace directly on your Android device.

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