Full Frontal 2012 – Videos Online

December 6th, 2012 by Adrian

Full Frontal 2012

Videos from the Full Frontal conference (held at the beginning of November in Brighton) are now available to watch online. Remy Sharp has posted the videos to his YouTube account.

Check out the videos below …

  1. James Pearce - All you need is (angle bracket)body/(angle bracket)
  2. John Allsopp - Is HTML relevent in the era of web apps?
  3. Andrew Betts - Offline Rules
  4. Anna Debenham - Exploring the game console browser landscape
  5. Paul Kinlan - Building Web Apps of the future. Tomorrow, today and yesterday
  6. Rebecca Murphey - Writing Testable JavaScript
  7. Steven Wittens - Making things with Maths
  8. Chris Wilson - Tales of Suckage and Awesomeness

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