Adobe AIR Eboy Poster

April 10th, 2008 by Adrian

At the Adobe on AIR Tour in London yesterday, everyone was given a cool postcard created by Eboy. Mike Chambers also gave away a couple of posters to people. You can view a high-res version of the poster here.

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5 Responses

  1. Ryan Unger Says:

    Sweet… now I’m even more jealous of pixel artists.

  2. Tom Chiverton Says:

    I keep telling people ColdFusion rocks :-)

  3. geekglue Says:

    I received a copy of the poster at a recent Melbourne AIR event. It’s been a real conversation starter in office. Here we are a month on and we are still working out all the references. Cool poster.

  4. justin bryan Says:

    Great & innovative Adobe Air eboy poster

  5. mobile marketing Says:

    hi! i used this eboy poster like innovative video to my mobile subscriber to attract customer instantly.

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