Amazing Physics Game – Gymnast (not in Flash)

April 18th, 2008 by Adrian

I just had to blog about this freeware game I have come across. It is called Gymnast, and it is built my a guy called Walaber who does this in his spare time. He has a blog here. I haven’t played it yet, just watching the trailer was enough to make me want to tell people about it. He’s actually got some pretty awesome stuff on his site.

Anyway, here is the trailer for Gymnast.

I used to do gymnastics, many years ago, so this game has special appeal for me. It’s a shame I haven’t got any Xbox360 controllers.

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  1. Zeena Patel Says:


  2. AtomicTroop Says:

    You know, this can be played with keyboard too, the xbox360 is only preferred.
    There is a tutorial on walaber’s site.
    I play it on keyboard all the time.

  3. physics fan Says:

    I really like the concept of physics based games…they’re really interesting if you’re a physics guy! ..go to this physics games website for more such games!

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