AS3 Code Libraries (APIs)

August 19th, 2008 by Adrian

Here is a round up of some of the most popular ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) libraries out there to use.

Let me know if I have missed an important one off.

NOTE: This list was originally for my personal use (that I thought I would share), it is not intended to compete with or replace the list maintained by OSFlash or RIAForge.

Update 29/10/08: Ted Patrick has put together a list of ActionScript Cloud/Service APIs that he going to highlight during his Adobe MAX 2008 keynote presentation.

Update 28/11/08: I have just come across the Actionscript Classes website. A very handy resource.

Update 11/01/09: Rich Tretola has a small list of AS3 Libs on his blog EverythingFlex.

Update 12/01/09: The Flashchemist has compiled a similar list on his blog.

Update 27/02/09: Check out Spark Project which includes the FLARToolkit for Augmented Reality

Update 11/08/09: I just stumbled across this (old) list of projects.

Update 19/12/09: Sean “theflexguy” Moore has just written a blog entry called ‘List of 34 More ActionScript 3.0 APIs‘. This is a follow-up to his original post ‘List of 22 ActionScript 3.0 API’s‘.

Update 22/12/09: “30+ ‘Must Try’ Open Source Actionscript 3 Libraries” and “30 MORE Awesome Open Source AS3 Libraries

Update 28/01/10: “30 Classes AS3 bem úteis!”

Update 29/01/10: “15 Awesome ActionScript 3 Frameworks To Inspire Your Next Project”

Update 24/02/10: Emanuele Feronato has a good list of Isometric Engines on his blog

Update 19/03/10: Tom Krcha has posted a list of Flash Gaming Engines, plus a few others that were new to me.

Update 09/07/10: FluxDb has a huge list of AS3 Libraries.

Update 15/04/12: Exagone has a list of libraries

Update 16/04/12: 68 Small but Useful Open Source ActionScript Libraries (misc) help Flex/Flash Developers Improve Work Efficiency

Update 17/04/12: List of ActionScript 3.0 APIs

3D Engines

3D Game Engines

2D Engines (utilising the GPU using Stage3D)

2D Game Engines

Isometric Engines

3D Animation Framework

3D Physics Engines

Augmented Reality

Animation Tweening Engines

2D Physics Engines


Audio Libraries

Particle Systems

Data Visualization

Loading Kits

OOP Frameworks

Website Frameworks

Debug / Stats / Trace / Output Panels

Other APIs and libraries

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123 Responses

  1. Guy Says:

    Great list of resources

  2. Matt Maxwell Says:

    I’ve used this for a ton of projects

  3. ekameleon Says:

    You can add VEGAS and this extensions (an opensource architectural and RIA framework)


    Work in AS3/SSAS and AS2.

    EKA+ :)

  4. Adrian Parr Says:

    Cheers ekameleon,

    I’ve now added it under ‘OOP Frameworks’.



  5. darron Says:

    FVNC can be listed here as well:

    It includes a Flex library project that supplies a VNC-viewer component, as well as an example Flex project using the the FVNC library.

  6. Jim Armstrong Says:

    AS3 Parametric Curve Library –

    Online Demos and TechNotes –


    - jim armstrong

  7. Adrian Parr Says:

    Hi Darron,

    It’s an honor to see you here. Sure thing I’ll add that project. It is now at the end of the list.

    All the best and keep up the great work,


  8. zoh Says:
    AMFPHP-wordpress integration

  9. Adrian Parr Says:

    Hi Jim,

    Wow, that looks like some pretty hardcore maths you’ve got going on there.

    I’ve added your project to the end of the list.



  10. Adrian Parr Says:

    Thanks Zoh,

    I’ve added it to the end of the list.



  11. alex Says:

    great post! thanks for sharing.

    i think you should add:

    wefwef /
    parsley /


  12. Steven Sacks Says:

    Thanks for including Gaia in your list, Adrian! :)

  13. niLS Says:

    Hi Adrian,

    Thought I’d share these two OOP/IOC/DI Frameworks, which we use quite frequently in production:
    Parsley –
    LowRa –

    If one comes from Spring (Java), their architecture will feel instantly familiar.

    @Jim: Awesome project/documentation, wondering why I didn’t run accross it before.


  14. Adrian Parr Says:

    Hi Nils,

    Thanks for those, I’ve added them to the list.



  15. Pieter Says:

    Webservices in AS3

    Jayrock in AS3

  16. Adrian Parr Says:

    Thanks Pieter,


  17. M;cha31 Says:

    I would also include Desuade’s Partigen – an excellent particle engine.

    It’s not free, but it’s extremely powerful.

  18. Adrian Parr Says:

    Hi M;cha31,

    Thanks for the tip off. I’ve now added Partigen to the ‘AS3 Particle Systems’ section.



  19. Adrian Parr Says:

    Some other useful blog posts with links to AS3 Code Libraries here …

    43 Hot Flex and ActionScript 3.0 APIs, tips and tools for Autumn 2008

    AS3 | Actionscript 3 Classes

  20. Adrian Parr Says:

    Some other useful blog posts with links to AS3 Code Libraries here …

    ActionScript 3 Libraries

    AS3 Libs | EverythingFlex

  21. hjwatso1 Says:

    You sure you’ve not missed anything here? Cracking list of resources, I’ll let people know about it.


  22. Adrian Parr Says:

    Another other useful blog post with links to AS3 Code Libraries here …

    AS3 |19 Custom AS3 Classes Roundup

  23. Jeffrey Says:

    For particles there is also the Pulse Particle System:

  24. Jason Says:

    Great list, I just discovered Flare and you have to add it to the list…

  25. Adrian Parr Says:

    Hi Jeffrey and Jason,

    Thanks for those two, I have added them to the list.


  26. Jonas Nyström Says:

    The ASAP Library AS3 should be there, I think…

  27. Michako Says:

    Usefull collection!

    Note that AWI ( is in Spanish not in French

  28. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Michako: Thanks for letting me know, I’ve corrected the post now.

  29. Aaron Says:

    We’d love if if CASA Lib: was included. Thanks.

  30. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Aaron: Thanks for bringing CASA Lib to my attention. I’ve now added it to the OOP Frameworks section. Keep up the good work!

  31. Allen Chou Says:

    I’ve got my own particle engine called Emitter.
    If you’re interested, you can check it out :)

    Oh, and it’s CS4 version is integrated in my library called CJLibrary CS4.

    Emitter comes with a tool called Emitter Config Object Generator,
    which is essentially a particle editor.
    You can quickly tweak parameters and generate the corresponding code.

  32. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Allen: Thanks mate. I’ve added it to the ‘Particle Systems’ section. Nice work.

  33. a_[w] Says:

    JSInterface is a bridge between Flash and JavaScript.

  34. Romu Says:

    Hi, little contribution.

    BaseUI – Flash AS3 layout manager

    Soma and SomaUI – Flash AS3 MVC framework and a tool to generate the draft of a Flash site.


  35. Romu Says:

    SomaLoader, another open source AS3 loader manager:


  36. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Romu: Thanks, I’ve added it to the list above.

  37. Will Says:

    Definitely the most useful as3 library list ever. Thanks so much.

  38. Reuben Says:

    I’ve developed an AS3 library for the WordPress XML-RPC API that you may like to add to the list

  39. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Reuben: Cheers buddy, that looks pretty handy. Nice one. I have added it to the list (at the bottom).

  40. Yasas Perera Says:

    Much appreciated.thanks for sharing! :)

  41. Jetpatcher Says:

    Appreciate for sharing it.


  42. ANU Says:

    Hi Adrian Parr,
    I need solution to integrate youtube video to flash/As3 environment. please help me

  43. Adrian Parr Says:

    Hi ANU,

    To integrate YouTube videos into Flash I reccommend you have a read through the following page …

    There is a Flash example and downloadable source files available.

    You’ll need the two ActionScript classes from choppingblock – ‘’ and ‘’. These are included in the ZIP file.

    You’ll also need the ‘youTubeLoader.js’ file.

    It’s pretty straightforward. Good luck.

  44. equ Says:

    Other Missing AS3 Libs:

    * SWFAddress – Deep linking for Flash:

    * Flash Camouflage – skinning framework for AS3:

    * Flexlib – Open Source Flex Component Library:

    * Yahoo Astra Flash Components http :

    BTW – your spam protector is annoying. I can’t even post links beacause I still get following message:

    “Hmmm, your comment seems a bit spammy. We’re not real big on spam around here.”

  45. ActionScript 3.0著名开源库 大集合 列表 OpenSource AS3 Library|API | 5ii交互设计工作室 Says:

    [...] Parr博客中AS3 Code Libraries一文的翻译,虽然开源AS3 [...]

  46. andy Says:

    Awesome list, very helpful! BTW here’s a new professional 2d/3d physics and tweening animation package that’s very promising: Desuade Motion Package –

  47. Adrian Parr Says:

    @andy: Cheers for bringing it to my attention. I’ve taken a look and it seems very promising. I’ve added it to the list under Animation Tweening Kits. Keep up the great work!

  48. SamYStudiO Says:

    you may add myLib as3 components alternative

  49. Adrian Parr Says:

    @SamYStudiO: I’ve added your myLib project to the list. Thanks.

  50. Jloa Says:

    Huge work u’ve done.
    Thx for sharing, i’m atking u to my bookmarks panel :)

  51. fudo Says:

    3D Engine:

  52. Adrian Parr Says:

    @fudo: Thanks, I’ve added it to the list. Do you know if there is an English version?

  53. shamruk Says:

    Don’t see Spring ActionScript (formally Prana or Panda) in the list of frameworks, u should add it.

  54. Adrian Parr Says:

    @shamruk: Cheers mate, I’ve added it to the list under OOP Frameworks.

  55. Gabriel Mariani Says:

    Don’t see Orion or TempoLite in there =p

  56. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Gabriel: Thanks Gabriel for bringing these to my attention. I’ve added them to the list.

  57. fudo Says:

    @Adrian Parr: There’s no english version yet. But they’re working on it.

  58. navibd Says:

    thx for all sources.

    how can i use them!!?
    Im new to AS3!

  59. fudo Says:

    Simple to use 3D engine:

  60. Adrian Parr Says:

    @fudo: Thanks mate. I’ve added it to the list.

  61. Jloa Says:

    Btw, u could also add my new SWFSize lib to your list.
    SWFSize ::

  62. Rodrigo Says:

    Graet list!
    More one 3D Engine:
    Yogurt3D Game Engine (Y3D)

  63. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Jloa: Nice work buddy, I’ve added it now.

    @Rodrigo: Thanks for the tip-off, I’ve now added Yogurt3D

  64. Jens Struwe Says:

    3 more valuable libraries/projects:

    1. Data structures / Collections
    Lite Collections for ActionScript Fx

    2. Standard UI Components
    AS Data Provider Controls

    3. AS Core Library
    AS3 Commons

  65. a_[w] Says:

    Asset Modifier, inject code into embedded animation assets

  66. jpauclair Says:

    You should really have a page with something to rate thoses libs. There is a whole lot of stuff in there and it would be great if the community could help sort that out!

    Great list!

  67. Rodrigo Says:

    Sonoflash – Dynamic AS3 Audio

  68. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Rodrigo: Thanks for remining me about Sonoflash. I did look at this a while ago when it was mentioned on the InsideRIA podcast (I think). I have now added it to the list.

  69. flash player indir Says:

    well thats a huge list of links but as far as I visited they are uquite valuable thanks for the share!

  70. Librerie AS3 | Says:

    [...] (via blogna e adrianparr) [...]

  71. arieln Says:

    Flare3D – 3D engine/3D game engine :)

  72. Carl Mowday Says:

    Also like to add my Webservice project to the list!
    Try it, you want be disappointed.

    Besides that, very good list!!!

  73. Adrian Parr Says:

    @arieln: Yeah, I have come across Flare3D before. I’ve now added it to the list.

    Note to everyone else: Flare3D is not free!

  74. Allen Chou Says:

    CJSignals – a faster alternative to the native event system and AS3 Signals.

  75. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Allen: Good work mate. I’ll add it now. Cheers!

  76. Jason Says:

    Hi Adrian, take a look over at

    250+ libraries are now registered.

  77. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Jason: Wow, that’s a pretty big list of projects on there. I’ve added a direct link to your site at the top of my blog post.

  78. Miguel Martín Says:

    Hello Adrian, I saw your comment on flex-frameworks on mcorlan’s site and I want to share our MVC framework with you too. It’s called CycleFramework:

    “CycleFramework is a view management and development oriented framework for applications implemented with actionscript3 and flex technologies. It is developed and mantained by Cycle-IT.
    CycleFramework is specially useful for management-like applications, where the different view states follow a root-branch-leaf pattern clearly: the application will have a well defined navigation tree.”


    License: Open source (MIT)

  79. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Miguel: Thanks for letting me know about CycleFramework. I’ve now added it. Cheers.

  80. Gameonade Says:

    That is really nice list. I didn’t even realize that there is so much of the libraries and engines. Thanks for that.

  81. master_of_puppetz Says:

    great stuff!!

    you can also add the AS3 Dropbox API ^^

  82. Adrian Parr Says:

    @master_of_puppetz: Thanks buddy! I’ve now added the AS3 Dropbox API project to the list.

  83. k0t0vich Says:

    hi, this post is very cooling in russian flashers.
    You must convert this post to database of as3 engines with search and english is bad – ex me/

  84. k0t0vich Says:

    please, add new russian 3в engine

  85. Rodrigo Says:

    Tonfall – Open Source Audio Framework

  86. Daniel Jovic Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    The as3syndicationlib is missing feed extensions like Media RSS. Check out AS3FeedParser which supports extensions to RSS and Atom feeds:

  87. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Rodrigo: Thanks mate, yeah I’d heard about Tonfall while I was at Flash On The Beach in Brighton, UK. I just hadn’t got around to adding it. I’ll put it on the list when I get a moment. Cheers.

  88. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Daniel: Thanks for letting me know mate. I’ll add AS3FeedParser to the list.

  89. juananime Says:

    hi adrian, in my last jobs I’m developing with a new MVC framework called RobotLegs , really interesting…
    You can check it on:

  90. juananime Says:

    oops,. sorry it’s on the list…never mind

  91. sanjay Says:

    THANK YOU!!!!
    I have done so much research in books and on the web trying to find out how to add a llink to a web banner. You would think its a big secret or something as difficult it is to find out how to do it. This is the first turtorial that actually explains the process and the code works! Thank you so much.
    Nice Tutorial

  92. SunnyTran Says:

    Thank you so much.
    It’s a great list.

  93. FlashApplications » Collection of AS3 libraries – AdrainParr Says:

    [...] >>> got to the Lib KategorienActionScript3, News Tags: AS3, DesignPattern, Flash, Framework, usefull Kommentare (0) Trackbacks (0) Einen Kommentar schreiben Trackback [...]

  94. ZREN Says:

    Thanks, it’s very helpful for me. is very helpful for beginners.

  95. Jens Says:

    Jakute Styling Engine – CSS framework for Flash:

  96. JNT Says:

    Thank you very much for compiling this comprehensive list of AS3 libraries. A great overview!

  97. Rodrigo Says:

    A very lightweight 3d drawing API for Flash

  98. Rodrigo Says:

    Frocessing is Processing like AS3 drawing library. Just like.

  99. MATAMEDIA Says:

    thank you so much for this list. you’ve done such a great service for all Flash developers out there. :)

  100. Kostas Says:

    Great collection.

    Thanks a bunch!

  101. Jeroen Says:

    Other Augmented Reality Engine for Flash (Markerless!):
    With a fee license option.

  102. Jens Says:

    AS3Commons UI – Layout Framwork

  103. Andrew Says:

    new Augmented Reality library IN2AR
    ! Robust multiple markerless image detection/tracking at extreme angles

  104. Bastian Says:

    3D flash engine noob3D is officially released, framebuffered and powerful! No z-sort issues, environment mapping, light shading and much more features! check it out now

    noob3d on facebook!/pages/noob3D/181338455250601?sk=wall

  105. ali_o_kan Says:

    A new version, better, stronger, will be released under the new Pixlib 3.0 Flash Platform Framework

  106. Kartikey Says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Do you have a book idea on “open source flash and actionscript libraries” which is promising enough?

    Please visit to submit your idea

  107. AS3 Code Libraries (APIs) « Tournas Dimitrios Says:

    [...] : This  article is written from Adrian Parradrian from this site [...]

  108. Tiberius Says:

    A powerfull 3d engine for flash player 10(with a perfect z-sorting) has been released under

  109. Dan Says:

    Hi Adrian – this list is fantastic and just what I’ve been looking for! One comment though – I think Emanuele Feronato is a woman!

  110. ActionScript 3.0著名开源库[AS3 Code Libraries] 大集合[] | JeKing‘s Blog - Flash开发|Android开发|深圳Flash建站|Flash UI制作 Says:

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  111. Sabbir Ahmed Says:

    Nice Links!!!

  112. +1 Says:

    Citrus Engine – Flash Sidescrolling Platform Game Engine (Commercial).

    Already NOT.

  113. Ico Dimchev Says: – to logging/traces utilities

  114. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Ico: Thanks mate. I’ve now added it to the list.

  115. infinity Says:

    i found new AS3 IDE ;)

  116. AS3 in Linux – Part 2 - Yelostudio Says:

    [...] you are wondering where to go from there, this page has a nice comprehensive list of the most important and useful AS3 libraries. Almost all those I [...]

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  118. ActionScript Community | Pearltrees Says:

    [...] Adrian Parr's Blog » Blog Archive » AS3 Code Libraries (APIs) Here is a round up of some of the most popular ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) libraries out there to use. Let me know if I have missed an important one off. August 19th, 2008 by Adrian Parr NOTE: This list was originally for my personal use (that I thought I would share), it is not intended to compete with or replace the list maintained by OSFlash or RIAForge . Update 29/10/08: Ted Patrick has put together a list of ActionScript Cloud/Service APIs that he going to highlight during his Adobe MAX 2008 keynote presentation. [...]

  119. john Says:

    I hope you find a way to automatize the whole process and that you don’t have to write it by hand
    click this link its help you…
    It is not fun…. But I think it will be useful.


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    [...] Library, my own modest ChromaTracker, Away3D, flosc, Nape, Box2DFlashAs3, and many more (check Adrian Parr’s list for a roundup of the better [...]

  122. Jaroslav Says:

    Drop AS3 Framework is missing here.

  123. Adrian Says:

    @Jaroslav: Can you provide a URL for the Drop AS3 Framework?

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