Adobe’s inspiration for the AIR logo?

February 27th, 2009 by Adrian

Inspiration for Adobe AIR lgo

Yesterday I went to Flash Camp London (a free event sponsored by Adobe) where I found some of the sessions useful and enjoyed meeting up with my fellow Flasher friends. But did anyone else there notice the similarity between the cleaner blocks in the toilets and the Adobe AIR logo? Or was it just me :-)

Either this was the inspiration behind the logo design or a cunning marketing drive by Adobe to subliminally get us all to create more AIR apps. You decide.

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  1. Laurent Says:

    Here another similarity I’ve found this morning :

  2. Jon Toland Says:

    great eye that’s uncanny!

  3. Kantoorpand / Bedrijfspand huren Says:

    Haha nice!!

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