I got hacked!

July 14th, 2009 by Adrian

H4ck3d By M0µ34d

This morning my blog got hacked by someone calling themselves M0µ34d. Luckily I spotted it quickly and managed to remove it quite easily (they had somehow added an ‘index.html’ file which takes precedence over ‘index.php’ on the webserver). I have no idea why I was targeted by these political hackers, I guess they just have some code that hunts down security holes in WordPress and take advantage. Maybe I had better make time to upgrade my installed version of WordPress to the latest release. Fingers crossed that will help. I should also do a new backup of the site and database just in case.

A fellow Flasher/Flexer over at GUYA.NET also spotted the hack very quickly.

Normal service can now resume. :-)

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  1. wuuz Says:

    Welcome ;)
    We are hacked too :)
    But we havent found any problems too.

  2. valiano Says:

    I was hacked too, found this link in his script


  3. TP from TPSS Says:

    Yes They got my web site as well. Have had it cleared by Easily who host it. Easily have also changed the password at my request, unfortunately they have yet to pass it on!

    How did they manage to replace my Index page and what should I know that I do not?

  4. Francis Says:

    Hi i see you were attacked by M0µ34d a couple of years ago. My website was attacked in the last week or so and unfortunately i can’t see how to fix it. I have searched the web and can’t see any advice at all about a fix, which is weird given the extent of their activities. Can you tell me what i need to do to my database? thanks.

  5. Adrian Parr Says:

    @Francis: I didn’t need to do anything to my database, that wasn’t affected. All I had to do was remove the ‘index.html’ file they had added.

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